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Title: Auricular Object II
Date: 1993
Dimensions: 32"x30"x18"
Material: Wood

Title: Corner Piece
Date: 1993
Dimensions: 85"x16"x5"
Material: Steel and Structolite

Title: Beak
Date: 1993
Dimensions: 21"x9"x3"
Material: gilded Luan plywood

Title: Corner Wrap
Date: 1996
Dimensions: 51"x27"x17"
Material: Steel and Structolite

Title: Sled
Date: 1998
Dimensions: 24"x31"x102"
Material: Structolite on Steel frame

Title: Spring Ahead
Date: 1999
Dimensions: 49"x21"x69"
Material: Steel and Structolite

Title: Motel
Date: 1997
Dimensions: 7"x11"x9"
Material: Cardboard, Wax, Wire, flexible hose

Title: Study in Rounds
Date: 1999
Dimensions: 9"x5"x4"
Material: Concrete